July 9th, 2021


More Minecraft with Hermie

As per protocol, we stayed up for the "midnight showing" of Miraculous World: Shanghai, The Legend of Ladydragon, and we watched it three more times today. Needless to say, we like it a lot, but naturally we are extremely biased and therefore prone to like anything from Miraculous. I will say that we didn't like it quite as much as the New York special, mostly because it had a lot less Adrien/Chat Noir.

I'm also going to save the review, because I have a lot of thoughts about it...and I'm not sure how many of them I'll remember, but we have some ice cream thawing right now, and we let the ice cream thaw too long one night last week, and while it wasn't the worst experience ever, it's just kind of a shame.

Instead, I'll talk a little bit about Hermie, who seemed like she might thwart our plans at watching Miraculous on loop today. We slept in this morning, since we had stayed up so late last night, and Athena's phone rang before we managed to get to breakfast. Sure enough, it was Hermie, and she was ready to play Bed Wars. She told Athena, "But you have to start it, because I cannot read." There were technical difficulties as usual, so Athena was trying to help Hermie figure stuff out by telling her to look for letters, and eventually Hermie reminded her that she can't read. I was getting a little frustrated, and I blurted out, "You're old enough to read a little!" (She's five.) And she said, almost hurt, "I only know how to spell!"

Aww, what a cutie. Anyway, we never did get Bed Wars to work (mostly from lack of trying much), but it was for the best, because Hermie wandered off to one of their Super Mario Minecraft worlds and we got to eat breakfast while she chatted happily away. Her time ran out, and that gave us the option of either playing Animal Crossing or watching Miraculous. We chose the latter, because there was no telling when she or another child might call again, and sure enough, when the show was over, we had time to get about three minutes of work done before she called back. (We weren't planning on doing much work today anyway, so that wasn't a big deal.)

I asked her how she managed to get more time on the Switch, and she answered, "I... GASP! PUPPY!" (She was making a dog house (house full of dogs) like the one Grawp made in our most recent world.)
She only had ten minutes to play, which she did not realize was so short in video game time, so there was weeping and wailing when it was time to stop. Clearly her mother managed to calm her down, because she called one more time, this time with thirty minutes of game time. We didn't actually join her for any of it (we played Pokemon and Animal Crossing), but she was awful cute.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the Miraculous Shanghai special, Hermie not calling when we were in the middle of it, getting a double rainbow in Animal Crossing, the yummy pizza we had for dinner, and Chat Noir getting to be a little more silly in the Shanghai special.