July 7th, 2021


On a mission

Today's Minecrafting wasn't quite so bad because this time we had a purpose. It turns out, we prefer videos games where you have goals to accomplish, or at least a collection to complete, rather than sandbox types. But anyway, yesterday, as we were hanging out with Grawp in our super awesome house on the river (literally; he wanted to make it like a dam), we were reminded how incredibly aggravating and infuriating creepers are. They come out of nowhere and blow up all your stuff.

So I looked up some info on them and discovered they're afraid of cats. We're playing in survival mode this time, which means we can't just pop into the inventory and spawn a bunch of cats (although Grawp did suggest it; you can switch modes super easily). So today Athena started out by fishing, because raw fish is what you use to tame cats, and then she went off in search of a village, because that's where cats spawn.

And the rest of the story is even less interesting than that. She eventually found a village and tamed a cat, and now we have one standing guard outside our house. We are a little worried about it, though, because we're not sure if other hostile mobs might kill it.

In the meantime, Grawp continued breeding wolves until he decided there were enough that they needed their own room, so he built a second story to the house. Athena suggested building a basement with glass walls so we could look out into the river, which Grawp thought was an okay idea, but an even better idea would be to have a basement with glass walls so we could look out into the river. (He thinks it's funny to present your idea as if he had just come up with it himself.) We all agreed that would be the best idea, and we think he eventually started work on it at some point while Athena was looking for a cat.

Eventually, Grawp was forced to give the Switch up to Hermie, because they've all got the Minecraft bug now (well, except maybe Hagger; he was playing Ninjala today), which means they're desperate to get back to their world and start building or whatever it is they do in that game. We thought that was the end of our own Minecraft session, and in a sense it was.

But soon after Grawp hung up the phone, Athena's phone started ringing again. This time it was Hermie, and she explained that she was on her account (which doesn't connect to the internet), so they couldn't play together, so she was going to talk to Athena about what she was doing. We liked this plan, because it allowed us to hang out with her while she played and still eat our dinner. Also it's pretty hilarious as a concept. In practice, it's mostly just her silently working on whatever it is she's working on, while sometimes telling us things about, for example, how her house is perfect because it has a pool. (She is more talkative than her older brother, however.) She started telling us, "This is my secret room--" "It's not secret," Grawp interrupts. "I know that." And then later she mentioned it and said, "I know it's not secret, but..." and that made me a little sad. I wish she didn't feel the need to make excuses just because of one person's joy-killing attitude. This is the problem with older siblings.

Today I'm thankful for having a mission during Minecraft today, getting to here Hermie tell us all about her Minecraft world, catching some shooting stars in Animal Crossing, getting to try the "peanut mix" M&Ms, and there being only one more sleep until Miraculous Shanghai.