July 2nd, 2021



Today we decided it was time to do our duty as good citizens and contribute to covid herd immunity by starting the vaccination process. We've been reluctant, not because of any conspiracy theories or anything, but simply because we hate injections. Frankly, I'm a little frustrated that all the discourse around helping people overcome their hang-ups about vaccination are all "it's safe" and "there's no conspiracy!" when fear of needles has been a legitimate thing people have had for decades and it's never addressed! (I mean, first of all, obviously you're going to say there's no conspiracy, whether there's a conspiracy or not.)

And since we basically live like hermits, the risk of us contracting the 'rona to begin with is pretty small, much less spread it to other people. So we were like, "We'll just continue to hide in our cave, and if we do happen to get it, we'll stay in our cave until we get better or die. No hospital beds taken, no spreading to other people."

There are two things that made us decide to go ahead and get vaxed anyway. First, Steve's mom has very kindly paid for us (and many other members of the extended family) to go on a cruise around January, and actually going on the cruise may require vaccination. Second and more important, Athena is the song leader for the kids at church, meaning her job is to teach songs to the kids, and it seems like the kids would learn the songs a lot easier if they could see Athena's mouth as she taught them the words, which is really hard when she's wearing a mask inside. (We're also thinking there's a slight possibility they'll allow choir practice again if everybody's vaccinated.)

So after a lot of, "We should, but...", today we finally took the plunge. It was...pretty much about as unpleasant as I expected, but of course it only took a few seconds, so now the first dose is over with. I did think about getting the J&J one so we wouldn't have to do it again, but that one scares me more than the others, for reasons that may or may not be silly.

We made a day of it, because there's a pharmacy between us and Disneyland, so we went, got our shots, and then headed off to Downtown Disney. There's a restaurant that opened up there months before covid, and the restaurant's big thing is Crazy Shakes (tm), and since we like milkshakes, we figured it was about time we tried them out. (We did make sure to ask at the pharmacy to make sure having the vaccine fresh in our systems wouldn't pose any kind of spreading risk.)

The shakes...were gimmicky, but we expected as much. We ordered the Brooklyn Blackout, which is supposed to be all chocolate, but frankly the chocolate levels were nowhere near blackout levels. First of all, the top third at least of the thing was whipped cream, and not chocolate-flavored whipped cream, either. There was Hershey's chocolate syrup and a ton of chocolate chips, and two brownies, so that all was chocolaty (but Hershey's? really? (we did go to the express counter; maybe those shakes are lower quality than the ones they serve in-restaurant)). And of course, there was the chocolate milkshake base...which had clearly been made with vanilla ice cream and some sort of chocolate agent (my money's on Hershey's syrup). So yeah, definitely designed more for its Insta-bility than taste. I will give them credit for serving the to-go version in a thing with a wide plastic brim to catch all the drippings, of which there were inevitably many.

The best part (she said ironically) is that I had already upset my tummy with nerves about injections and more exercise than I've gotten in a really long time, so add to that a mediocre milkshake, and my tummy was rather unhappy. Fortunately, I recovered fairly quickly by lying down while we played Animal Crossing and watched TV.

And now we are partially vaccinated! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the very nice people at the pharmacy, getting to try a Crazy Shake, the very nice guy at the Crazy Shake place who correctly advised us to get one to share, getting to relax for the rest of the day, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.