June 29th, 2021


I can't even

We just finished watching Seven Deadly Sins and we are not okay. We watched four more episodes, and then we were like, "Wait...they didn't pull a Fruits Basket on us, did they?" So we checked, and sure enough, there were only twelve episodes in this season.

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Anyway. I just. I. I can't.

Today I'm thankful for series with satisfying endings (here's looking at you, Lupin! (it's actually not over yet, but it could have ended with season two and been very satisfying)), at least having seen all of the Seven Deadly Sins anime (except for the new movie), the cool air coming from the window, Ban still being the best friend ever, and getting to move on with my life now.

EDIT: I meant to look it up before writing this angry rant, but I got distracted and forgot what I was doing. Anyway, the point is, we DID look it up, and the season really does have 24 episodes like all the others, so we do still have half a season to go, and while we’re still impatient with the battle scenes, we’re feeling much better about life.