June 27th, 2021


Tired again

The tired from all our exertion yesterday hit really hard today. I guess our lack of Disneyland-going is taking its toll on our fitness...which was never great to begin with, let's be honest. We have considered taking walks to the local Italian ice place, and we both think it's a good idea, but it takes up so much time that could be used to snap Pokemons.

We just watched a fireside via Zoom where they invited a couple of historians from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to answer people's questions about the church's history. Based on the title, it seemed like they expected people to ask about the controversial stuff, and people did just that. I feel like the problem with that is that they always end up being the same questions and the same answers we've heard so many times. But I guess that makes sense when you only have an hour and a half, instead of, like, a whole college semester. (We took a semester of Church History at BYU and it was pretty awesome.)

It does have us wondering, though, about why it takes people so long to find out about this stuff. We knew about polygamy when we were kids, so how do members of the church get to adulthood without ever having heard of it? ...Maybe it's just because of our upbringing.

Anyway. It was a pretty interesting fireside; we're mostly just grumpy about the repetitiveness because the fireside snuck up on us, and we kind of had plans to read manga today. The newest volume of Skip Beat! arrived this week! Aaaaaaahhh!!

Today I'm thankful for the wonderful talks that were given in sacrament meeting today, getting to read more 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (we should have known there'd be a chapter on oxygen deprivation!), getting to watch a pretty interesting fireside, not being trapped in an underwater tin can with a limited supply of oxygen (you don't really think about how much of a blessing it is to have fresh air until you read about (or experience) not having any), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.