June 24th, 2021


All the Eeveelutions

We finally found Jolteon in Pokemon Snap! YAY!!! It was right where we expected to find it--we just had a hard time figuring out how to get there. It seems we unlocked that route without even realizing, because we just did a scan and it was open. Fine. Now we only have one more route to unlock! (At least...only one that will also give us a new title for finding it.)

Today I'm thankful for finding all the Eeveelutions, Grawp finally letting Athena finish building her house in the new Minecraft world he started (and then said, "We're going to build our own houses, then go into survival mode," and then he built his own house super fast and came and did whatever he could to hinder Athena's progress), getting a new high course score for the route we were playing today, also having time to meet our Seven Deadly Sins viewing quota (we should make it all the way through season three before season four hits!), and managing to finish our work quota as well.