June 21st, 2021


Back to the mines again

Today featured the return of Minecraft: Bed Wars. First, Grawp called to let us know that Hagger wanted to play with us (or Athena, actually, since she's the one who plays video games). But then we found out that all of the stuff we crafted illegally the last time we played was still there! That actually would have worked out to Hagger's advantage, because he had chosen to be the Brown Team, and that's exactly where Athena built her bed's iron fortress. But I guess it just was too deviant from the norm. Athena was trying to find her way over there to destroy the fortress (but not the bed, because we're saps), but stuff happened, and Hagger gave up on the whole thing, so we switched over to the dragon riding version of Minecraft and that was that.

Grawp called again later when it was his turn, and this time he started a new Bed Wars realm so we wouldn't have to worry about all that egregious iron crafted stuff. We also spent a little time before Grawp called officially downloading the Bed Wars pack to see if having our own copy of it would remove the glitchiness, because apparently if you own the thing the lets you play Bed Wars, it makes it so you can't mine wood with your bare hands. Before, when we were just playing on Grawp's copy, Athena could mine anything she wanted, no problem. That seems like a pretty serious problem--giving the people who actually pay for the content a disadvantage. I don't know. It's all quite bizarre and a little tiring.

Anyway, Athena finally won this round, because for some reason Grawp prioritized killing her and not destroying her bed, which had weak protection at best.

Today I'm thankful for finishing all our work quota including a weekly simulpub, also finishing our Seven Deadly Sins viewing quota (we're not sure we can maintain this pace, but if we can, we'll be ready in time for the newest season!), finally getting that Rampardos request in Pokemon Snap, knowing that we didn't utterly destroy the children's enjoyment of Minecraft, and our package from CD Japan arriving early.