June 20th, 2021



Today we watched a new(ish?) Pinocchio movie! We turned on our TV one day, and there was an add for it, and it had the name Roberto Benigni, and we were like, "Is that the Life Is Beautiful guy?" and we didn't look it up, but we were pretty sure it was, and we really like the book Pinocchio, and since the movie had an Italian name attached to it, we thought it might be a more faithful retelling than the Disney version, so we wanted to check it out. And today we did!

And we were right! As far as we can remember from the book, the retelling was very faithful indeed. There was even a part where we were like, "Oh, are they going to skip that one thing...?" mostly because we didn't remember the continuity (we read the book, like, nine or ten years ago), but then they did the one thing.

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Anyway. Other than those three things, the movie had all the stuff from the book that we remember (and some stuff that we didn't remember), and it was very interesting to see onscreen. I do think that in the book, the narrator helps tie everything together a little bit better so it seems slightly less bizarre when, for example, one of the characters is a humanoid snail. And the music was very interesting, but the dreamy quality of it kind of resulted in me feeling similarly to when I wake up groggy from a nap. So overall I think it was a good movie, but not quite the right type of weird for us to want to watch it frequently. I definitely think it's worth checking out if you're interested, though.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see a new Pinocchio movie, also getting to read some manga, the beautiful weather we had today, getting to chat with friends at church, and finding out about a new series from the creators of H2O that's coming to Netflix next month.