June 18th, 2021


Minecraft minigames

The children seemed to have forgotten us this week, but they must have been reminded when another Minecraft update came along. This time it was in the form of a new game: Bed Wars. Each player chooses a team, and then they try to destroy the other team's (or other teams', if there's a bunch of players) bed(s) so they no longer have a spawn point, and then you kill them, and whichever team is still standing at the end wins! It...sounds pretty violent. And to be honest, it felt a little violent. I know there's like a billion studies about how video games aren't making people violent, but I can't help worrying sometimes.

Anyway. Grawp is much more adept at moving around and constructing things in Minecraft, so he has the advantage in terms of first, building a fort around his bed to keep it safe, and second, finding and killing Athena. Like, he's already got himself five power-up potions by the time Athena gets to the center island where all the emeralds (which you use to buy things like potions) are. Athena did win the first time they played, but that's because Grawp went easy on her. (His reasoning was that he had a better grasp of the game because he's seen YouTube videos of it.)

So after Grawp beat Athena a couple of times she resorted to Strategy. I mean, technically that's what the goddess Athena specializes in, so. She came up with a really good one, too. The game gives you an iron ingot generator, so you basically have an endless supply as long as you have time to wait for them to spawn. So she bided her time, and instead of building her bed's fortress out of the concrete you can trade for, she built it out of iron blocks (which take more time to mine through, especially if you don't have a pickaxe). This took an incredible amount of patience, because it takes nine iron ingots to make one iron block.

Fortunately, Grawp had forgotten that Athena had chosen to be on the Brown Team, and kept going to the Pink Team's island. He destroyed the bed fairly early on, and when the notification came up, Athena reacted sufficiently frustrated. Then he kept going back there to wait for her return, at which point he intended to end the game. He kept asking, "When are you going to fall out of the world and come back to your spawn point?" (If he'd really destroyed Athena's bed, she wouldn't have had a spawn point, though.) And he even killed her once after destroying the pink bed, yet for some reason didn't catch on that the game should have been over by then. He was also baffled by the lack of bridges built from the pink island to the central one. There was, however, a nice sturdy brown bridge. She even made it three blocks wide.

Anyway, Athena finished her iron bed fortress and went to Grawp's island to destroy his bed. He caught her wandering around and killed her...and that's when he finally found out she wasn't on the pink team...because he was shocked to realize the game hadn't ended with his victory yet. So he found the correct island and discovered the iron bed fortress and said, "That's cheating!"

We were pretty sure it wasn't cheating, because we didn't hack into the game's coding, and generally with video games if they consider something to be cheating they don't make it possible to do (without hacking). But then he added something about it being impossible to break through iron blocks, and suddenly we felt very bad for making it impossible for Grawp to get through the fortress. We helped him get a pickaxe and then we had enough time to experiment and realize that he was wrong, and it was in fact possible to break through iron blocks, even without a pickaxe. But by then it was too late. He destroyed the bed, killed Athena, and game over.

All because the kid couldn't think outside the box and accused us of cheating instead. Alas. And now he knows that secret, so we're going to have to be more clever with strategy in the future.

On the bright side, we finally unlocked all the secret routes in the snowfields in Pokemon Snap! And we answered some requests that had been giving us trouble for forever. And most of all, we watched the rest of Lupin Part 2, and it was so good, you guys! You should all check it out!

Today I'm thankful for the children remembering us (Grawp's brother and sister were watching him play, and it was adorable to hear their comments), finally conquering the snowfields, getting to watch Lupin, having a big cookie to eat, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.