June 17th, 2021


Same beat

Another relatively uneventful day. Another Pokemon tournament started, though, so I guess that counts as an event. This time, they let you use more than one of the same Pokemon, so we came up against a few people who had parties made up entirely of one kind of Pokemon. The Quagsire trainer gave up pretty early on, which was a shame, but the Garchomp trainer destroyed us. And then there was a Pikachu trainer, who was all decked out in Pikachu gear and everything. She put up a good fight, considering Pikachu really isn't the toughest Pokemon out there. It was kind of neat.

Today I'm thankful for finishing another translation, the nice little rain shower we had this morning, getting to order pizza for dinner, finally getting some decent snaps of Inkay, and having one more piece of art in our museum in Animal Crossing.