June 3rd, 2021


Sailor Moon Eternal movies

Oh man, what a day. The Sailor Moon Eternal movies premiered on Netflix today, and we took the day off to make sure we had time to watch them. We did think that it may be a bit excessive, since it's just two movies (we could have just worked a short day), but it turns out taking the whole day off was the right choice.

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The movie...was stressful. It was our own fault. We were excited, because there's so much stuff in this arc that hadn't been in the previous anime, which means they could go ahead and use our translations of stuff to match the manga, without being inconsistent with what they'd already done. And so we could properly appreciate that, we kept the subtitles on. Bad idea.

They did not use the terms we came up with. I mean, for stuff like "Mystical Silver Crystal" vs "Legendary Silver Crystal," I'm like whatever anyway, because our top choice was actually Mythical Silver Crystal (mythical, by the way, we recently found out is how they translate "maboroshi" in Pokemon), but we got outvoted, so at this point it's just like eh. And there's the whole consistency thing, etc. We'll get over that one.

There were two things that had us very upset. The first was that they left every single one of Palla-Palla's spells untranslated. We put a lot of effort into coming up with punny translations for them that matched the Japanese nuance and (we felt) sounded pretty cute (credit to our editor for coming up with Spherey Godmother), but that doesn't matter to them. Just leave 'em in Japanese. We thought maybe it was just a subtitle thing, so we even switched the audio to English, and the spells were the same. It doesn't make sense (especially since the English-speaking actors couldn't really pronounce them...).

Then we got to Sailor Mercury's transformation and speech. She introduced herself as the "Protector of Mercury," which is how it was translated in the 2011 edition of the manga, but is actually incorrect, and believe me, we did a lot of research to make sure we understood the grammar right on this phrase, because it shows up only about a billion times. All of the Guardians talk about "X-planet o shugo ni motsu," which literally means "to have x-planet as protector." And that's why we translated it as "under the protection of," which really makes way more sense in the context of the series, because Sailor Mercury hasn't protected the planet Mercury once in the whole series. She protects the planet Earth, just like all the rest of them.

...So we were inordinately upset by all of that. At that point, we realized that the reason we had the subtitles on (to see how they translated the terms) was the very thing that was causing us the most pain, so we turned off the subtitles, and that was much better. We were still pretty shaken up about the whole thing, though, so it was hard to stop brooding long enough to enjoy the movie for itself. There were two things that helped us feel better. First, the voice of Hawk's Eye did a great job.

Second. Okay, so we listened to the trailer back when Netflix released it, and we already knew that our favorite French voice actor was not the French dub voice of Helios. (A major bummer, especially because the trailer indicated the Japanese voice of Helios was going to be a liiiittle overdramatic. He was.) But we figured, since they'd gotten him to play Asanuma in earlier Sailor Moon Crystals, maybe they got him for a different character, too (the French voice actors seem to double up a lot--Chibi Usa and Rei are played by the same actress, for example). So whenever they introduced, like, the Amazon Trio, we'd watch the scene, then back it up and watch it again in French. But he wasn't anybody in the Amazon Trio.

By the time Xenotime and Zeolite showed up, we figured it was a long shot, but we might as well check...and sure enough. Xenotime started talking and we could tell immediately that it was him! So now our viewing experience was much happier (even though we continued to watch in Japanese). We watched the credits to confirm that our vocal recognition skills were intact, and then we watched all the Xenotime and Zeolite scenes (I think there were four total?) again. And he did a great job!

After that, we had to take a break, because we were still too distraught. We weren't prepared for another hour and a half of "why do we even bother?". So we did the rounds in Animal Crossing, ate a snack, and vented to our good friend lyschan. By then we were feeling much better, and we felt like we could handle the second movie.

One of the very first things that happens is that Michiru is approached by a fan of hers. We didn't actually look at each other, but we metaphorically looked at each other (or used our twin telepathy or whatever), and said, "You don't think...?" So we backed it up and changed the audio to French...and there was our favorite French voice actor again! Yay! (Incidentally, that character is credited in the Japanese credits, but not the French ones.) He also did some shouting in a scene where citizens where kind of rioting.

As for the rest of our feelings on the movies, I will write about them tomorrow. This entry is long enough already. Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see the Sailor Moon Eternal movies, getting everything worked out with our sisters, Nehallenia still being spelled the way we like it, getting to hear our favorite French voice actor play a role in Sailor Moon, and getting that extra work out of the way so we don't have to worry about it tomorrow.