May 31st, 2021


Comparing translations (sort of)

Since new Seven Deadly Sins episodes are coming to Netflix in a month, and we always binge-watch the series so all we remember is a blur, we decided we should rewatch aaaaaalll the episodes that are currently available, so we'll have some idea of what the heck is going on when we finally get to the new season. And, to make things more interesting, we're watching it in French. (You know the real reason.)

It's a really interesting experience watching anime dubbed into a different language, because oh my heck, there are so many words that are definitely not in the subtitles. Like, I don't even know French, and I can tell that the characters said what was in the subtitle and then some. For example, there was one subtitle that said simply, "Diane..." (the ellipsis wasn't in the subtitle, but it was in the context of the scene, and the actress's performance; can't say if it was in the original, because Netflix still won't let us watch with Japanese subtitles), and Elizabeth said what Athena tells me means, "I'm begging you." With or without French knowledge, it's pretty easy to tell that she said more than just the one name. And it's funny, because it happens aaaaalll over the place, not just here and there. But for the most part it's all in character!

There was one line that had me wondering, because the English translation and the French dialogue had such different attitudes. They were fighting the bad guy, and he realizes Meliodas is less incapacitated than he thought, so he decides to run away. Hawk watches him go, and the English subtitle had him say, "He got away," while the French sounded like (based on what I've learned from Miraculous), "Yeah, he's gone!" "He got away" comes with a connotation of, "Aw, man!" but "Yeah, he's gone!" definitely sounds like a positive thing. We did not check the Japanese to see what the original said.

Anyway. We have a lot of episodes to get through by the end of June, but it's a great series, so I think we can take it.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work a little early, having time to play Pokemon Snap and help our friends from church with their musical number for seminary graduation, getting to spend some time with friends from church, getting some super cute Pokemon snaps, and new anime experiences.