May 30th, 2021


Music and Minecraft

A couple of weeks ago, the people in charge of special musical numbers for sacrament meeting (the one area of music in the ward that we are not in charge of) asked us to do a special musical number in sacrament meeting this week. As the sacrament meeting music director, Athena gets up and sings in front of the whole congregation multiple times a week, so we wanted to do something different. We did manage to come across a friend who is now in another ward and could have accompanied us if we wanted to do a duet (so I could be singing instead of playing the piano), but wouldn't you know it, this is the one week she wasn't available.

So! we had some simple arrangements of a few hymns that can be played on whatever musical instrument you want (or as a duet! but we only had one solo instrument plus accompaniment), so Athena pulled out her B-flat pennywhistle and performed "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus." She did a pretty good job--the nerves only made her mess up maybe four times! So that was our adventure for today.

Later, Grawp called, ready to play Minecraft. Athena logged in to his world and found herself trapped in a room made of obsidian. But at least he was kind enough to cover the walls in torches so she wasn't completely in the dark. Neither of us remembers the conversation that ensued, but it was something like Athena observing, "Well, I appear to be trapped," and Grawp responding with, "I know. You have to mine your way out."

The thing is, in order to trap Athena, he would have had to know exactly where she was going to spawn, which means he had to know exactly where she was when she saved & quit last time. I asked him about it, and he said he remembered where she was when she stopped playing last time. I feel a little bad, because my immediate thought was that she must have logged out because he was being told he had to turn the Switch off and Athena would have been trying to help him avoid trouble, at which point he would have kept playing at least long enough to mark the spot. So I said, "This is how you repay us for trying to keep you out of trouble?" He answered, "No, I just wanted to prank you."

Later, I remembered that, the last time we played with him, right before it was time to stop, Grawp had told Athena that before she logged out, he wanted her to destroy a tower he had built. It was a pretty cool thing, actually--he made the base out of pink wool (apparently that's a thing now), and then built a massive tower out of gravel and sand, which are the materials that don't float in the air if you destroy what's immediately under them. So by destroying the pink wool, Athena caused all of the sand and gravel to fall down. It was pretty spectacular.

But the point is, by having Athena do that right before she stopped playing, he was specifically setting the stage for his next trap. He knew where the tower had been, and as long as Athena didn't log back on and start doing stuff before he set the trap, he was good to go. And I also remembered that that was several days ago, which means he was pretty patient with the whole thing. We were impressed.

Today I'm thankful for the special musical number going well, Singing Time also not going terribly, the nice epilogue at the end of the latest season of Relative Race, Grawp's ingenuity, and getting to read more 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.