May 28th, 2021


The Lion Guard

We recently got it into our heads that we needed to check out The Lion Guard (the Lion King spinoff series). If you're guessing that the idea came from the revelation that our favorite French voice actor is in the French dub, you are 1000% correct. We also wanted to know if it was Disney's attempt at making their own Paw Patrol.

We had some extra time today, so we headed over to Disney+YourSoul and we watched the pilot. was actually significantly different from Paw Patrol. In fact, I would say it was closer to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. We had a hard time getting behind the premise though, because it was like hooooly retcon, Batman. Collapse )

The show was okay. There were some parts that made us roll our eyes pretty hard, and I can't tell if it was the writing or the acting, because when we watched it in French, somehow it seemed less absurd, even though the captions said exactly the same thing. We probably would have said we'd had enough of it after the two-part pilot, except for the fact that there were songs. So we decided to look up all the episodes where Ono (the character we're watching for) sings, and the next episode happened to be one of them. Fortunately the song came pretty early on, because we were getting to the "I've had enough TV" stage. I will say that some of the songs in the series are really good.

And that was one of our adventures for the day. Wow, we actually had a few. The children only called once, and very briefly. Hermie's turn with the Switch was almost over, so it was very important we turn on Mario Party RIGHTNOW so we could play with her. Unfortunately, we don't have Mario Party, so this wish went unfulfilled. We might have gone and downloaded it right away, but A)it wouldn't have helped because by the time it downloaded, her turn would have been long over, and B)we're trying to be careful with money right now.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, getting to check out a new show (even if we probably won't watch more of it; but we might look up an episode or two in the future), getting a new video recorded, getting to watch Seven Deadly Sins in French, and unlocking a new route in Pokemon Snap.