May 27th, 2021


The pink room

Grawp called today and was rather unhappy about Hermie's Switch habits. Apparently she had used his Minecraft account yet again, and now all his ender pearls had been replaced with pink wool. (I would feel much more sympathetic to his plight if I didn't know for a fact that he got those ender pearls by switching from survival mode (where you have to actually work to get stuff) to creative mode (where you can just pull whatever you want from the game inventory). That's probably also how Hermie got all the pink wool.)

I pointed out to him that she got that wool so she could make a pink room for Athena, so to cancel out Hermie's good deed, he immediately offered to make a better one. (In his defense, I'm only guessing on his motive.) It should be pointed out that the pink room was underground. Grawp found it and renovated it, and also added a second, much larger, pink room. He even made a super fast entrance to get to it from above ground! All you had to do was fall straight down. "Don't worry," he assured Athena, "There's wool at the bottom, so you won't die."

So Athena trusted him and jumped down the hole, at which point she lost almost all her HP. He said, "You landed on rock." The hole, you see, was right above the border of the room, so unless you fall very precisely, there's a not-insignificant chance of missing the wool. I pointed out that this may be an architectural flaw, so Grawp expanded the wool entrance. We haven't tried it since.

The other important video game news of the day is that we caught a firefly squid, meaning we have completed the sea creature portion of our Critterpedia! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, having time to play Pokemon Snap despite unexpected schedule changes, having time to finish the TV show we wanted to finish despite miscalculations about how many episodes we had left, catching all the sea creatures in Animal Crossing, and having some interesting discussion at the Bible study class we went to this evening.