May 23rd, 2021


Just some stuff

I feel like I had a thing I could talk about today, but I've forgotten it in a haze of shoujo manga fluffiness. But I can't write about that, because I read Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai, and Athena read Our Precious Conversations (for some reason I'm too bitter about not being the translators on Hananoi-kun to bother with the official English title, but not for Our Precious Conversations...or maybe it's just because the Robico series's Japanese title is too hard to remember), and neither of us has read the other (well, I read volume one of Precious Conversations waaaaay back when), so talking about either one of them would be a spoiler for one of us.

We read more of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, too. We had discussed with our sister many years ago how long a league is and how the ocean isn't nearly that deep, so what a silly title that is. Now that we're reading it, Athena figures that it probably means they traveled a distance of 20,000 leagues while they were under the sea. It all seems so obvious now.

Now I'm trying to think if anything amusing happened in Primary today. All I got is that one of the kids for some reason demanded that Athena sing this week's song in Japanese. Athena agreed, but she said she'd do it after Singing Time (she only has 20 minutes to teach these songs, kids), and by the time she'd pulled up the Japanese lyrics (we don't automatically know these things), the kid had left. Oh well, maybe next time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read some nice shoujo manga, getting to read more adventures under the sea, Singing Time going relatively well, having chocolate chip cookies to eat, and getting to watch more Relative Race today.