May 7th, 2021


Snow whaaaat?

Well, today was pretty much the same as usual. Work, Minecraft, and Pokemon Snap. We noticed the controversy about the re-imagined Snow White ride is causing a bit of a stir. I do have thoughts about it, but I'm not sure how articulate they are. You know, because I spend all my focus on Pokemon Snap instead of articulating potentially controversial thoughts.

First, some background for anyone who isn't following that particular niche of the news: the re-imagined Snow White ride opened when Disneyland reopened on our birthday. We haven't seen it yet, because we haven't been to Disneyland yet since then, but we already knew that it was going to include the kiss scene. Anyone who has seen Snow White or is in any way familiar with the fairy tale knows that the Prince kisses Snow White while she's under the Sleeping Death curse (because love's first kiss (not "true love's kiss"--that started with The Little Mermaid) is the only way to break the curse), which means she's asleep and therefore unable to give consent about the kiss, and a couple of people wrote a review of the new version of the ride saying that scene is obviously very problematic and couldn't Disney have re-imagined that, too? Personally, I suspect they were doing it deliberately to create a scandal, but maybe they really do care about the issue.

Basically it boils down to a couple of things. First, if you pay any attention to the earlier parts of the movie, you know that Snow White is already in love with the Prince--in fact, that kiss is probably part of what she wanted to wish for that tempted her to eat the extremely suspicious apple in the first place. The Wicked Queen told her it was a magic wishing apple, and she wanted her prince (that exact prince; she met him at the beginning of the movie, remember), so she gave in to the witch's plot.

That doesn't necessarily make it okay that he kissed her without asking--even if she does love him, it's important to respect people's boundaries. Personally, since it was just a peck on the lips and none of the face-eating sort of kisses you tend to see these days, I don't really see it as a problem (after all, kisses like that are a common greeting in some countries...well, not on the lips, but the point is, a little peck is not necessarily considered to be very sexual), and all of the (very protective) dwarfs were there, so if he tried anything funny, they would have put a stop to it right then and there.

...And now I can't remember what my second thing was. Hm. Maybe it will come to me later. Anyway, as someone who enjoys love stories, I liked that they decided to add that scene (assuming they did it well, which I have yet to determine). I understand the concern, though, and I definitely think it's a could idea to talk to your kids about stuff like that. (I also think that they're way more likely to be influenced wrongly by pornography than Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so maybe talk to them about the dangers of that, too.)

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to go to the beach at night in Pokemon Snap, getting to have leftover pizza for lunch, finishing our work quota for today, getting our Ladybug plushie today, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.