May 1st, 2021


Before the birthday adventures

Our birthday was a lot of fun yesterday, but it was lacking in one very important thing, which was lots of time to play the new video game that we are completely obsessed with. So now here we are on Saturday night, the one night of the week before the one day of the week where we actually do need to get up early or it makes a difference to other people, staying up late playing New Pokemon Snap. You guys, it's a lot of fun.

But let's talk about yesterday. The original plan was for Gaston and Alice to come down in time to have breakfast at the Original Pancake House. We felt that plan to be somewhat unreasonable, considering the length of their drive, but we got up early enough to be ready nevertheless. When they called to give us an ETA, sure enough, it wasn't until after noon. But that was fantastic news, because it meant we had time to check in with our video games. We started with Pokemon Snap, because we were desperate to check it out, and since we told our sisters we wanted all the nieces and nephews to be able to play it as a "happy my birthday to you" present, we accidentally instilled in ourselves a frantic need to learn the ropes before the kids got waaaaay ahead of us. If not for that second part, we probably would have waited until we knew we had a much more significant chunk of time before getting started.

Well, we were immediately hooked. It's basically like going on Disneyland-style rides and taking pictures of cute animals. What's not to love?

But we also knew that Animal Crossing does stuff for your birthday, so we peeled ourselves away from Pokemon Snap to make sure we had time to check that out. Guys. We were all ready to throw our own birthday party in Animal Crossing--Athena had put together a wand outfit and everything so she could change into it right away. But they did not let her do that. We turned on the game, and immediately, there was Charlise saying, "Come with me. No questions." Collapse )

We also checked in at Pokemon Shield, because I like when they throw confetti at the Poke-Center, and they're having a Meowth festival! Just in time for our birthday, how nice. We fought one Dynamax Galarian Meowth, and it was not shiny, but it was a good reminder for Athena to go retrieve her shiny Alolan Meowth from Pokemon Moon.

We were just about to go back to Pokemon Snap when Gaston called to say they were here! And that's when the real birthday adventures began. But more on that tomorrow, because we need to go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Pokemon Snap, it being just as much fun as we hoped it would be (although we're starting to be overwhelmed with all the possible things to do!), the very sweet and kind birthday celebration in Animal Crossing, having time to check in with our video games before our birthday adventures started, and Pokemon having a Meowth festival for our birthday.