April 26th, 2021


Birthday week

This week, we're taking it easy to prepare for our big birthday bash! ...We don't have the plans 100% worked out for it, though, so we're not entirely sure what that will entail. It will either involve going to the Zag Store, or spending inordinate amounts of time playing Pokemon Snap. Either way, I'm sure it will be glorious. We're also going to watch birthday episodes of Miraculous all week (starting tomorrow)! There's a surprising number of episodes where it's somebody's birthday.

For today, the first order of business...was to do our weekly simulpub! It was a battle chapter this week, though, and we got it done in like 40 minutes. It was awesome.

And then! we finally got to read the latest chapter of the Miraculous manga, featuring Evillustrator! Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to read more Miraculous manga, the manga having extra Adrien, having a super awesome chapter of our weekly simulpub this week (and that's not just because it was easy to translate (although that is a big factor)), getting to make progress in The World Ends with You, and getting to watch the season two finale of Pair of Kings (and sadly, the last of King Brady, save for a clip show).