April 11th, 2021



We got to sing in church today! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!! We all had masks on, of course--don't worry, we're still following the safety guidelines. And oh my goodness is it hard to sing with a mask on. You finish a line, then you basically inhale your mask to gear up for the next one. It's a good demonstration of why singing would be a high-risk activity without masks, though! Also, lucky for me, from next week on, I'll be playing the organ, so I don't have to worry about it. (I didn't get to play this week because the bishopric counselor in charge couldn't get a hold of us in time. It was Saturday morning--what do you want from me!?) And Athena's going to start us out on shorter hymns so we can all get the hang of it...and to increase the odds of everyone knowing the lyrics, since hymnals are still off-limits (too much surface-touching) (but people are allowed to pull up the lyrics on their phones, of course).

That was the major excitement for the day. The next biggest excitement would probably be the lava caves we discovered in Minecraft...which were promptly taken over by Grawp. Today's Minecraft assignment was to head down to the mine in search of diamond. Of course every time Athena found something cool, Grawp would come over to mine up all the cool stuff. At one point, he even forbade her from digging in his corridor (and went so far as to hit her character to chase her off), so she went somewhere else and as soon as she found some coal and iron, he came along and chased her off from that corridor. I don't get why he was suddenly so possessive--he'd been finding gold and lapis and diamond. But whatever, I guess.

We had to ditch him to go help some friends prepare a song they're going to sing as a special musical number (probably to be recorded in advance, but I'm not sure what the rules are anymore), and someone brought them donuts, but they're trying to cut back on sugar, so we got to remove the temptation for them. Fancy Oreo Krispy Kreme. We haven't tried them yet, but we will before we go to bed tonight!

Today I'm thankful for getting to sing in church again, getting mine some cool stuff in Minecraft, getting to go on Salmon Runs with Hagger, getting to put together our neat little papercraft projects that Gaston and Alice got us one time when they went to Epcot, and having yummy-looking donuts to look forward to.