April 9th, 2021


Danger in the village

We weren't asking for more excitement re: video games today, but we sure got it! ...Insofar as Minecraft can be considered exciting.

This time, Grawp started a new "survival" world, so there's a village where we went and commandeered a house. (Disclaimer: all the decisions were made by Grawp; Athena only did as she was told.) Then Grawp sent her off to work in the mines--but not his mine, the other mine. I guess there were two. She was banished because she mined some iron before she had the right pickaxe for it, and I guess that's super bad, because now she was forbidden from going anywhere near Grawp's mine. It was quite a silly rule, because once he told her which pickaxe to use, she was a pro. (The real problem arose because she was multitasking and missed some instructions. We had a real job to do!)

It was actually kind of nice, just wandering the caves looking for ore while Grawp went off and did whatever (mostly make stuff with the ore Athena mined). But then! a newcomer came along. Grawp was surprised about it, too. Suddenly there was a new person--it was his friend, Gus! (Name changed to protect the not-so-innocent.) He came straight to the village...and started whacking Grawp with a sword! What kind of a friend does that? ...The kind of friend who's a punk kid and knows it's just a video game, that kind, but it still felt kind of rude. He killed Athena a couple of times, too. And he would do a countdown in the chat, which we discovered was his way of letting everyone know he was about to do a stunt, I guess? From what we could tell, most of these stunts consisted of falling from great heights.

Eventually Grawp's mother insisted that his time with the Switch was up, and hard as he tried to convince her that he was playing with his aunts, she was adamant. So he stopped playing and we got back to work (we were so close to finishing a translation).

And then he earned more Switch time and called us back. Athena went back to the mines, and while she was getting a bunch of coal, who should visit Grawps house in real life but Gus! He assured us that the mass murderer was, in fact, his cousin, but somehow all the "cool stunts" were still him. He must have brought his Switch with him, because suddenly he was back in Grawp's Minecraft world, which was sufficiently distracting for us to get ourselves a snack: croissant chips! And they were delicious. Eventually the two of them got wrapped up doing stunts, and lyschan invited us to go to her island for a meteor shower, so we wandered off to play Animal Crossing, and that was that.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work for the day, getting to mine a lot of coal, getting to visit lys, delicious croissant chips, and getting to sleep just a little bit later tomorrow.