April 3rd, 2021


Conference day!

Today was the first day of General Conference! The General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to be more specific. And the first two sessions were really good.

Elder Stevenson gave a great talk about kindness that started with a story about bunnies, so that was a major highlight...except that it talked about fatty buildup in the little bunnies' blood, so that made me a little bit squeamish and I had to kind of let my mind wander for a little bit, but! the point was, all the bunnies were fed the same super fatty food, but one group of bunnies were handled by a researcher who was super duper nice to them, and they had less buildup, which was shocking to all the scientists. They replicated the experiment, and it happened again! And it proved that love and kindness can literally make people (or at least bunnies) healthier. So now I'm trying to focus more on being kind, and hopefully I'll be able to keep it up for a while.

In the second session, there was a talk by Elder Mutombo, and he hasn't given a talk in General Conference before, so he was new to us, but oh my goodness, he was so happy! He had a big smile on his face for his whole talk! It was super cute, but also created a disconnect because some of the stuff he talked about was, like, really dark. But his smile was so infectious, and I think it just proves that the gospel really can help us find peace and happiness even when times are tough.

Anyway, if you're interested, you can check out the sessions here!

After Conference, we got as many Bunny Day DIYs built as we could in Animal Crossing. We don't know if we got all of them, and we may never find out, because we're not planning to play tomorrow, but we got the Bunny Day dress and hat, and that's the important thing.

Then we watched the first episode of The Irregulars, which we were interested in because Netflix told us it involved Sherlock Holmes, but oh my goodness, it was like the gritty live-action remake of Miraculous. It's hard to be entirely sure if our analysis is correct, because we only saw one episode, but the first supervillain was Monsieur Pigeon the Bird Master, so... Like, they finally started to figure out who all was causing the disappearances and why, and we were like, "Oh em gee, he's been akumatized." And as soon as Leopold showed up as this rich kid who was trapped inside and wanted nothing more than to go outside and meet real people, we were like, "Dude, it's totally Adrien." And then! his French dub voice really was Adrien. So of course we went back to watch a few scenes in French. (I mean, if the creator of the show really did draw as heavily from Miraculous as it looks like, it stands to reason that they might even have requested to get Adrien's voice for the French dub. His voice didn't match the original actor, like at all, but his performance matched the expressions and body language perfectly.)

But it is gritty and dark, so we made sure to watch an episode of Pair of Kings to cheer things up afterward.

Today I'm thankful for two great sessions of General Conference, making it to and from the store without being late to the second session, stories with bunnies (there were photos and reenactments, too!), big smiles, and having the Bunny Day dress and hat in Animal Crossing.