March 30th, 2021



We got hit with a surprise simulpub chapter that shouldn't have been a surprise. I remembered the series last night, but I thought, "Oh, it will be fine--we did the last chapter less than a month ago." Turns out we did the last chapter a little bit more than a month ago, and today was the day for the new one. And the chapter turned out to be super talkative, so it took us rather longer than we feel it should have. ...It probably didn't help that both Grawp and Hagger called separately to play Splatoon with us. It really only makes sense that they would be on spring break the same week we're playing catch up, and have all the simulpubs, including an extra weekly one. That's just how life goes sometimes.

We didn't let that stop us from playing Animal Crossing today, because darnit, we want to make all the Buuny Day furniture! And the egg outfits. They're too cute. Hopefully we won't regret that too much tomorrow, which is our deadline for a volume of Noragami that is not really close to being finished. Eh heh...

But I promised cute niece and nephew stories! This one is about Rosetta,'s not the most flattering for her, so we'll just be glad she has a codename, because it's pretty funny. One day I was going about doing...something that I really don't remember (so much of last week is kind of a blur...), when Athena called out, "Alethea! [Rosetta] has something she wants to tell you!" I followed the sound of Athena's voice, but when I got to her, Rosetta was nowhere to be found.

I found her in her room, where she had gone to hide. She seemed extremely nervous, and when I asked her what she had to tell me, she said I had to close the door. And not just that--I had to make sure there was no one else anywhere on the second floor of the house. When I explained to the girl's mother why she had to go downstairs, her mother nodded in comprehension and said, "That's because she's done something bad."

The second floor evacuated, I returned to Rosetta's room and waited for the news. She made me promise that I wouldn't yell at her, and that I wouldn't tell anyone else who would yell at her, and I wouldn't say we were leaving and going back to our house, and...I could tell she was trying to cover all her bases, but I can't remember any of the other promises. She was in tears as she told me she was so scared to tell me.

By this point, I was really worried about what she had done. Like, had she broken my iPad or something? How bad could it really be? Kids are pretty good at going above and beyond your expectations sometimes, after all.

Finally, she told me she used my iPad to look at my pictures. And I said, "...Okay. Well, just ask next time." And that was sort of that. She still seemed pretty freaked out, so I asked if she saw anything that made her feel bad. I mean, I'm pretty sure I don't have anything that would scare a child on my iPad, but you never know with all the manga. She said she didn't, so I guess she was just that worried that I'd punish her.

Anyway. Kids are weird.

Today I'm thankful for at least managing to finish our surprise monthly simulpub chapter, making a teeny tiny bit of progress on Noragami, getting to have a yummy pizza for dinner, services that let us summon groceries from the internet, and having the recipes for three of the Bunny Day egg outfits in Animal Crossing.