March 29th, 2021


We're back!

We're back! Our visit to family ended up being longer than expected because of some communication errors, but we're home safe now. We had a good time, but oh my goodness, our introvert batteries were shot by the end. We have new expertise in the field of Paw Patrol. I'm sure we're nowhere near as knowledgeable as Sarah, but we're way smarter about it than we used to be! (What we used to know is that Paw Patrol existed.)

Our youngest nephew (let's call him Chase) got some new Paw Patrol figures while we were there, and so he asked us which ones we wanted to be, we each picked a pup, and then we played Paw Patrol for hours. At first we just did mundane stuff like play in a cave (an overturned child-sized recliner) or swim in the pool (a box), but eventually the fun kept being ruined by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. The obvious solution to that was to call in Godzilla, but then Stay Puft beat Godzilla. So Mario (as in Super Mario) pretended to be the pups' human leader kid guy and assigned each of them a job to beat Stay Puft.

Chase played all the characters except for Marshall (that was me), Zuma (Athena), and Skye (his sister), and I was pretty impressed with his strategy. I mean, it might not be the most brilliant strategy, but it's better than I came up with (mostly from complete lack of trying), and he's only three: Marshall sprayed Stay Puft with his fire hose, Rocky threw toys at him, Skye flew around in circles to make him dizzy, Zuma hit his legs with his hover craft, and of course, Chase used his net to catch him.

There was a lot of other cute stuff that happened, so maybe I'll post more throughout the week. For now, we're tired and need to make sure to get enough sleep, and hopefully we can finish this Noragami translation on time!

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend some quality time with the family, Paw Patrol being a pretty cute cartoon, managing to get some work done on Noragami after finishing our weekly simulpub (double duty this week!), getting to try Mom's creme brulee, and getting to sleep in our own beds again.