March 17th, 2021


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When we got to Facebook last night, we found that our aunt had posted the news. Dad died yesterday. I feel like normally people like to say a few things about someone when they've gone, especially if they're a close relative. I'll always remember how he used to read to us from the Chronicles of Narnia, and we'd set up our child-sized lawn chairs in a circle and cover it with a quilt for our fort. Those were good times. I remember the one time we were driving up to Provo, Utah to visit family, and we took the scenic route because Utah has some beautiful national parks, and Dad was so fascinated by the scenery that sometimes we were afraid we might go over a cliff.

We have some good memories, but we also have painful ones, and we haven't gotten to the point where the good ones overshadow the bad ones. So that's about all I can do right now.

Today I'm thankful for the good times we had with Dad, the good things he taught us, managing to finish our work today, finally getting three stars on the 100cc version of the Star Cup in Mario Kart, and finally have our schedule all worked out as far as going up north.