March 14th, 2021


More Minecraft

Today's Minecraft session started out very badly, but ended up being much better than most previous ones. Hermie convinced her mother to tell Grawp that he only had fifteen minutes to play, and as we all know by now, Hermie is the source of all Minecraft woe. (Sorry, Hermie. You know we love you otherwise, and we will always play Minecraft with you when you ask!) ...Although, in her defense, she had help this time.

We started out the session by noticing that Athena's first horse, the one she named Cheval Noir, had been freed from our horse enclosure while we were away. So while Grawp and Hermie did their own thing, Athena wandered the countryside in search of our beloved steed. Failing to find him, I resorted to asking Google-sensei how to teleport horses back to you. We had several faulty tries because of the space in Cheval Noir's name, but eventually I remembered basic HTML, and we got it to work! Huzzah!

It was around this time that Grawp and Hermie had finished the surprise they had in store for us. Suddenly Grawp told Athena, "You need to go in your house and take a nap." We assumed he was going to start something, so we followed his instructions and went through our front find that our house had exploded. I really should have suspected something when Grawp asked me to check with Google (I guess he'd forgotten) how to make TNT. (To be clear, they had placed the explosions in a way to blow up the floor, leaving the outer walls, and Hermie's upstairs apartment, intact.)

Now that they'd busted a hole in the ground and horses were falling into it from the adjoining enclosure (this despite the concerted effort yesterday to decrease the number of horses), Athena took Cheval Noir to the safety of the birdhouse. We did point out the injustice of blowing up Athena's house without damaging their own homes, so Grawp suggested to Hermie that she place a bomb in the ceiling, which she did. She was rather unhappy about the results (there was screaming). Grawp calmed her down by pointing out that it was easily fixed, and then promptly fixed her upstairs house.

Meanwhile, despite the damage done to her own home, or perhaps because of it, Hermie was now more than a little trigger happy with the explosives. She blasted a hole in the ground that damaged the wall of the birdhouse that was supposed to be Cheval Noir's haven, so Athena saddled up and rode off in search of somewhere else to live. Unfortunately, it was nighttime, which is an especially bad time to leave a horse unattended while trying to build an enclosure for it, so Athena just sat on him and waited for day to dawn...until the children asked her to return, so back she went. She was hanging out in the horse pasture, waiting for further instructions, when suddenly she had a heart gauge and Hermie was dropping spears on her! These bloodthirsty children, I tell you!

At this point, Athena was protesting loudly, so the girl's mother pointed out that she had to play nice, and Athena said that if Hermie killed her horse, she would never play with Hermie again. Grawp repeated this ultimatum (only without the conditional part: she says she's never gonna play with you again), just to make sure it got through. We're not entirely sure what Hermie was thinking at this point (hopefully she doesn't really think Athena will never play with her again; the horse survived), but suddenly it was Grawp's turn again. Also, I don't remember what happened exactly, but at some point, Hermie had spawned an entire army of zombified pig well as a large herd of actual pigs. We asked her why and she said, "Because I wanted to!"

So Grawp made pumpkin snowmen to throw snowballs at them, Athena just started whacking zombies with her sword. Eventually we defeated the army, the horse survived, the bird survived, and all was happy and well, except that Athena still had no safe place to take her horse.

Then Grawp wanted to do survival mode challenges, which involved things like shooting each other with crossbows, and jumping in water to see who drowned first (he had taken a water-proof potion, naturally; he was like, "Hold on, I have to drop off my stuff, wait here," then he came back with all this magic swirliness emanating from him, toooootally legit, I'm sure).

Then he went and built Athena a house. It's a really cool house, too! First, he made a lava pit, but then he covered the lava pit with glass to make a floor. He made an outer wall of lava rocks to keep the zombies out, and an inner wall of iron so the lava rocks don't kill Athena (fortunately, the game doesn't pay attention to the fact that iron's a pretty good conductor of heat, and that would turn the house into an oven; the point is, it looks really cool). He built a second story with a spiral staircase and a balcony to shoot zombies from, and then he made a little pen for a panda, with a chest nearby stuffed with bamboo. We asked for an enclosure for Cheval Noir, and he just whipped one up real quick while Athena went to retrieve the horse. Grawp said it's probably the best house he's designed yet. He was in the middle of making an underground tunnel from Athena's house to his house when his mother insisted that he turn the game off.

And then Hagger got a turn and played ARMS. We were kind of hoping for Splatoon, but that's life.

Today I'm thankful for a much more relaxing time with Minecraft (despite its scary beginnings), getting to watch a really great devotional, having a really good Relief Society lesson (via Zoom), having a great chat with Celeste on the phone, and not having too tough a time waking up early on Daylight Saving Time day.