March 8th, 2021


Lots of good things

We were just trying to get our work done when people kept texting, and then we heard the gate open, and we were like, "Why is everyone talking to us today!?" But the visitor turned out to be a deliveryman, with a package containing a single manga: the next volume of Noragami! Gasp! And oh my goodness, the cover. It's just too.

So that's very exciting, but it's also exciting in the Bambi sense, because we have a Hana to Yume book on our schedule, and both of those can be quite time consuming. Still, Noragami! And the first page mentions that it's the series' tenth anniversary! What! And it has the cutest picture of Yato. Wow, ten years... (We haven't been working on it for ten years, though. It's only been seven for us.) Happy anniversary, Noragami!

We're also trying to play through all our video games. I mean, we're still trying to get through the Project Triangle Strategy demo, which we have determined as the condition for buying any more video games. The Sonic & Mario at the Olympics game is on sale right now, and we really want to get it, is the thing. But we also need to play through Kingdom Hearts Union Cross? Dark Road? I'm not sure what the mobile version is called these days, but we have to finish it before they end service. ...Or maybe we don't, because there's going to be an offline version, but we'd still like to finish it soon.

And so we're back to so much to do, so little time. At least most of it is fun stuff.

Today I'm thankful for getting the newest Noragami♥, making it through that battle in Project Triangle Strategy, having time for a grand prix in Mario Kart, the game we want being on sale, and finishing our first draft of Those Not-So-Sweet Boys as well as a weekly simulpub chapter.