March 5th, 2021


The Birds

We turned on the Switch at one point today and saw that Grawp (or someone in the family) had been playing Minecraft. He didn't call us to join in, though, so we were a liiiiittle bit worried that maybe he'd heard one of the times Athena let an, "I hate this game" slip out. She doesn't actually hate it; she was trying to build a fence, and the controls are not as intuitive to our Japanese-console-loving selves, so she was frustrated.

Anyway, whether or not Grawp has decided not to bother us with Minecraft anymore, Hermie still loves to play with Athena, as we discovered when she called later in the evening. By this time we now had about 24 horses. Athena was tasked with saddling and giving armor to "that one" and "that one." Those are the only instructions Athena was given in regards to the horses, and we have no idea if she chose the right ones.

Turns out it didn't matter much, because Hermie had moved on to a new venture: birds. I was distracted with something, so I don't know exactly what was going on, but suddenly there was an enormous flock of parrots flying over our horse enclosure. Then Hermie started building a house she could take the birds into to tame them, which was ridiculously short. We don't know where Grawp was during all of this (we asked her, and her answer amounted to, "It's my turn now"), but there was one point where he was present enough to say, "[Hermie], I think your bird house needs to be taller."

Athena figured out how to tame them first, so she started going around with a light blue one on each shoulder, and that was pretty neat. Hermie tamed like five, so she had one on each shoulder and then a little group of them following her around everywhere. At one point, she decided there were too many of them, so she started...getting...rid of them... Athena was inside trying to forge a nametag (she wanted to name her birds before they got lost in the flock of...however many birds we had), and Hermie was in the bird house doing something, we guess, but then she was out among the flock making a ruckus and she says, "Help me kill the birds!" ...We were kind of horrified.

I mean, they're just digital birds, we get that. And of course we've fought all kinds of things in video games, too. But these birds weren't hurting anything! And I'm pretty sure Hermie's the one that spawned them. On the other hand, I don't know how else to deal with overpopulation in that game. But she did stop killing the birds when Athena was like, "I'm not going to kill any birds! That's awful!" Instead, she went to make a lava pit.

Then she wanted to build a fishing hole, so she asked Athena to get some fish eggs, because she doesn't read much yet and can't find them herself. She was so excited when she found out there are dolphin eggs. There are also panda eggs. And fox eggs. I shake my head at eggs for mammals, but then I remember that almost all Pokemon are born from eggs, so whatevs, I guess.

Then she decided she wanted a waterfall from the top of the bird house...which caused a flood all around the bird house... It was kind of a mess. Good thing it was all in a video game. I've seen that kind of thing in sitcoms, and it's not pretty in a real house. Then her parents came home from walking the dog and they all went to watch a movie. The end.

So we tried and failed to finish the Project Triangle Strategy demo, but we're getting there!

Oh, and our neighbor Graham is moving off of our island in Animal Crossing. It always makes me a little sad to lose a neighbor, but we don't want to hold them back, and we also don't want things to stagnate on Futagojima. So we know it must happen, but it is bittersweet. I'm excited to see who moves in next, though!

Today I'm thankful for not having a whole lot of work to do today, getting to play with Hermie, getting to see more of Project Triangle Strategy, getting to watch more Pair of Kings, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.