February 28th, 2021


Plan-free Sunday

This Sunday was a lot less hectic than last Sunday. We had in-person church again, which was nice. One of the full-time missionaries asked if we were excited to be back in the building with everyone, and we were like, "I guess." Just our extreme introversion showing, I suppose. I also suppose this is what happens when you rarely leave your apartment and do most of your communication remotely anyway. And with all the covid restrictions, it almost feels like the only difference is that it's in-person and not on a screen, which is to say, we can't really socialize yet anyway. But we're optimistic that we'll get to that point eventually. Like, when everyone is vaccinated and stuff.

We had no surprise plans this afternoon, so we watched a movie (Bigfoot Family; it was okay) and read some Jules Verne. We hadn't really been liking Around the Moon (not that it isn't good; just that it isn't our kind of thing), so the idea was to read a few chapters and then move on to read manga. But we read a few chapters, and things got super duper dramatic, and I checked the table of contents and there were only three chapters left, so we finished it. And it was very satisfying, but I'm not going to go into it, because it would be a spoiler. I mean, I think when a book is 150 years old, it's probably past the spoiler statute of limitations, but I also think it's so far past it, that everyone's forgotten about it, so now a new generation of readers can be surprised! ...Assuming they're not all, "Ugh, that science is so old and outdated."

And then we were in desperate need of chocolate, so we availed ourselves of some expired mug treats that we probably bought long before the pandemic hit. They were only two months past the expiration date, which is practically brand new! And they tasted fine, and gave us the chocolate fix we needed. And now, we are going to bed early, because we have been so sleep-deprived.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to church, getting to finish Around the Moon, having some chocolate on hand, having a pretty relaxing afternoon, and getting to start a new month in Animal Crossing tomorrow.