February 17th, 2021

kid flash

Videogame stuff

Our simulpub this week was a super duper rush, so when we got the files last night, we decided to stay up late working on it. It wasn't that late, so don't worry about us losing too much sleep. We just set our alarm for almost an hour later to make up for it. ...But that got our day started off weird. Also getting a phone call from Gaston started our day off weird. So by the time we were ready to get to work, it was pretty much lunchtime.

We weren't convinced we could finish our work quota before quitting time, so instead of worrying about it, we decided to do some reading instead. We're working on the manga adaptation of a light novel that's already been released in English, so we're reading that in an attempt to maintain consistency. It was a nice little diversion from the everyday.

But more importantly, there was a ton of Nintendo news today! We were super excited to find out that they're doing a remaster of Skyward Sword, because we never really played the first one. It just took us so long to get our own Wii. We did play the very beginning of it on Mom's Wii at one point. We thought about borrowing her copy indefinitely, but it never happened. And now all our friends have played Breath of the Wild, and here we are, Zelda fans since first grade, not having played a new Zelda game since Twilight Princess. ...We also haven't played most of the handheld ones. But we did play Majora's Mask, which a lot of people skipped.

Anyway. Also, there's going to be a Splatoon 3. I'm kind of glad it's not coming out until next year, because our videogame wishlist is getting out of hand. But I'm also excited.

Today I'm thankful for the Skyward Sword remaster, our refund from Disneyland being just enough to cover it, finishing the super duper rush job pretty quickly, having a new Splatoon to look forward to, and having plenty of time before it comes out to enjoy the Splatoon game we already have.