February 15th, 2021


A little late to the festivale

We suspected that we were going to want to spend a lot of time on the Festivale event in Animal Crossing, so we took the day off...which resulted in us sleeping in and not wanting to get out of bed. We did manage to motivate ourselves to get up eventually by reminding ourselves about Festivale...and then Grawp called. Well, that was cool, too. We were pretty sure we didn't want to spend all our time on Animal Crossing, and besides, maybe he would want to check out the event, too.

However, no matter how hard we tried, we could not get the information about an Animal Crossing event to register in his brain. We did have a good time doing some private battles in Splatoon, but after about a dozen of them (which were super fun nevertheless), we started to get antsy about Festivale. Of course, that's when Grawp said the the loser of the next battle had to go to Octo Canyon. We weren't sure if he was serious about that, but it turns out he was. Athena lost and was directed to complete an entire sector of Octo Canyon. I don't know how fast the kids manage to race through those levels, but Athena sometimes takes upwards of twenty minutes, partly due to looking for scrolls and sardinium. (When redoing levels, she often goes much more quickly, so don't worry if her lack of speed is too appalling.) And each sector consists of several levels and a boss.

We convinced Grawp to accept just the last three levels and boss of the third sector. Fortunately, his parents dragged the children away on a family hike (there was screaming and crying about "I don't wanna go!", but their mom sent pictures later, and they looked like they had a great time), so we abandoned the mission and went off to play Animal Crossing.

And indeed, we spent waaaaaay too much time on it. But we had to get all the different items in all the different colors! Now we have five different Festivale stages set up around our island, and we love them. (I wanted to have one mega-stage, with all five colors lined up, but we don't have a good area on our island for that, and we're not ready to commit to terraforming. So now they'll just be the island power spots.) We also ended up with four Festival floats. Not sure what we want to do about that.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take the day off, getting to play Splatoon with Grawp, getting more training in at Octo Canyon, getting all the Festivale furniture, and also having time to play MarioKart and watch the Oblivio episode of Miraculous.