February 11th, 2021


Tower Control

Our days continue to be filled with video games with nieces and nephews. In fact, the latest phone call today featured Hermie on the phone, so I thought we might actually play Splatoon with her. But she was just calling on behalf of Hagger, who saw how much fun we were having playing private battles with Grawp that he had to try it himself. We did Tower Control, because it seems to be the easiest, and he didn't seem to quite know the rules at first, so Athena didn't really start fighting back until he seemed to know what was going on...at which point he pretty much destroyed her. That kid is good!

I guess Grawp got our guard down, because he's not usually happy to just accomplish the goal--he wants to splat people. So while Grawp is lying in wait for a sneak attack, Athena's busy getting stuff done, and if Grawp's surprise attack fails, she wins. (If it succeeds...well...) Grawp also likes to use chargers, which makes it easier to see his attacks coming.

We also visited Rosetta's island in Animal Crossing. She had shot down a balloon with a sandcastle in it, so she gave that to us, the little cutie. There was a lot of waiting for stuff to load and airplanes to land and stuff, so in the downtime, I asked her what she learned from her schoolwork today. She said, "Uh. I'm not going to tell you, because I don't know." XDDD

Today I'm thankful for having a good time playing with the kids, finishing our work regardless, also having time to play Pokemon, lyschan inviting us to her island to get a recipe from Celeste (this time we got a nova light!), and getting to have some chocolate tonight.