February 8th, 2021



Today was a day of chaos. When Hagger called to play Splatoon on Saturday, he told Athena that we should call them sometimes, instead of making them do all the calling. Athena told him she doesn't call because she never knows if it's a good time or if they're doing schoolwork or whatever, and he said, "Just call when you're done with work!" but then he stopped and seemed to think for a moment and amended his statement to, "Just call in an hour." We're still not entirely sure what he meant by that, but he informed us that Grawp usually finishes his schoolwork in about an hour and he usually finishes his in a few minutes, so we think he meant that once they start their schoolwork, it should be okay for us to call any time an hour after that.

So at lunchtime today, we turned on the Switch to see if Hagger or Grawp was playing Splatoon. And they were! So we decided to call. But there was one person who was very unhappy with this development: Gilderoy. Unbeknownst to us, Gilderoy was visiting Grawp today, and he was not very pleased to have Grawp give us, as he put it, all his attention. I mean, Grawp was playing Splatoon before we called, and the level of distraction wouldn't have been that different with or without us, and Grawp said he had just been thinking of calling us so he could show Gilderoy what it's like to do an online battle with us, but sure, we were hogging all the attention.

We did our best to make sure Gilderoy knew he was welcome to join the conversation (as he continued to play Animal Crossing on his own Switch). Athena asked Grawp if he wanted to start a battle so she could join him, or if she should start one and have Grawp join. Often, the person who joins later has to wait for the first person to finish a battle before they're let in, so we quickly agreed that Grawp should start a battle first. Gilderoy did not agree. We would have explained the situation (or tried to), but Grawp was smarter. He distracted Gilderoy by asking him which weapon he should use.

Gilderoy, however, was not to be outdone. He replied, "I'll tell you when you join her." I don't know how he did it, but Grawp almost immediately got Gilderoy to pick a weapon anyway, maybe by showing him the cool array of gadgets at his disposal. So Gilderoy picked a weapon, and Grawp said, "No, not that one." They compromised by letting Grawp use the same type of weapon, but with a different sub-weapon and special move. I was surprised at how quickly Gilderoy gave in to Grawp; I guess Grawp is the cool cousin. And cool cousin beats cool aunts, especially when the aunts are such bad listeners. XD

Grawp lost his coolness a little bit later, though. After a couple of splat battles, we all agreed to go visit Gilderoy's island in Animal Crossing. He hadn't really added much (or anything) since we visited yesterday, so we made the trip worth our while by picking hundreds and hundreds of weeds (<--not an exaggeration; there were at least four hundreds). The conflict arose because of the mums Gilderoy had planted outside of his airport (imported from Futagojima). I may have mentioned in the past the Grawp loves to run through flowers. He hadn't yet been forbidden from doing that on Gilderoy's island, and he took full advantage.

So suddenly we hear a loud outburst of, "You BROKE my flowers! I HATE you! You're leaving my island!" In retrospect, it's possible that Grawp "broke" the flowers deliberately, because there had been discussion of us all going over to Grawp's island (Grawp was in favor). But he had mentioned earlier that Hagger and Hermie litter all over the island, so now Gilderoy was all, "I don't want to go to a littered island." But Grawp's response to being banished from Gilderoy's island was, "Good, now you can come to my island!"

But Gilderoy refused. Grawp went to his island to open the gates, and Gilderoy said, "I'm not going." And that was the end of that. Grawp went off to play Minecraft. Later, we heard Gilderoy say, "First, you only focus on the Twins. Then you ruin my flowers." ...Poor Gilderoy had such a bad day.

He had cheered up by the time we saw him again later. We had another meteor shower on our island tonight, which is shocking because our last one was less than a week ago. And we do like having meteor showers, but we invited a lot of people over, and it was pretty chaotic. And we drained our introvert batteries pretty good last week. But we still wanted to share the star fragments with everyone! So we let them all wander around while Athena danced on our Festivale stage. And Gilderoy complained about our hedge maze. Frankly, we think it's a nuisance, too, but we also love it. It's complicated. (But we've had it for a while, so we might take it down soon. Grawp says NO we should not do that, but he does think it needs to be upgraded.)

In the midst of it all, we also went to Target to buy storage bins, and Athena turned on Pokemon so we could fight another Cramorant or two before the Cramorant event was over. (If so many Cramorants are fought in Dynamax dens, everyone who participated gets one gold bottle cap and three regular ones!) And she got a shiny Cramorant! So that was neat. Despite the chaos, today has been a good day.

Today I'm thankful for getting to visit with the nephews, getting another meteor shower, getting a new painting from Redd, getting more midnight fudge Dove chocolates at Target, and getting a shiny Cramorant.