February 5th, 2021


Still being social

This has been a full week of social video gaming! Today we played Animal Crossing with Gilderoy. I don't even remember how it got started, just that I noticed I'd missed a call, so I called back (a couple hours later), and...somehow we ended up playing Animal Crossing. It may or may not have had to do with a mention of Setsubun.

...Yes! I think it did, because we told him about Setsubun and I said he could come to our island so we could do the bean-throwing thing, or we could go to his island if he preferred. Turns out he didn't want us to go to his island, because he'd been watching too many YouTube videos and now knew that his island is not up to snuff and I guess he doesn't want anyone to see its shamefulness. You guys, he's not yet seven years old, and he's already being shamed by social media. (I would like to point out that no one is actively shaming him--he's comparing himself to others and shaming himself. This is why social media is not healthy.)

So after designing himself a new sweater to wear, Gilderoy came over to our island and we...tried to do the Setsubun thing. We told him to make sure he had room in his pockets and he assured us there was. Nevertheless, when he tried to pick up the bean-throwing kit we'd left near the airport for him, it turned out there was not room in his pockets. Sigh. So instead of dropping something on the ground to pick up the beans, or wearing the Santa beard he was stashing in his pockets, he decided to just use one of the party poppers he carries around instead. Well, it's definitely a solution. And he's never done Setsubun before, so I guess he wouldn't see anything wrong with not using beans. In fact, I could not tell you why they specifically use beans myself. (I mean, I could Google it real quick and find out, but until I do that (and I won't, because I'm lazy), I can't tell you.)

After that, Athena wandered off, and he wandered off, and it was all fine until he asks over the phone, "Mind if I steal some things?" and as we're saying, "You can't steal our stuff, but you can ask and we'll tell you yes or no," he's saying, "Oh yeah, my pockets are full." And our reaction is "~~~~!!!!" because we know the game is reminding him his pockets are full because he already tried to take something. We also know the game will only let you take things you can shake from trees or dig out of the ground, so after he left, we revoked his shoveling privileges. We did give him permission to take some orange roses (after he took a few things out of his pockets), but unfortunately, he didn't leave our island through the airport, which means the game didn't save that he had them. On the bright side, that means we can explain to him why we're revoking his digging privileges. On the not-so-bright side, it means we have to explain to him why we're revoking his digging privileges. Because he noticed that he lost the roses, and now he wants to come back. But he can't get the roses, because he has no shoveling privileges.

Today I'm thankful for getting to visit with Gilderoy, getting to have a Freschetta pizza for dinner, getting to pursue some of our hobby pursuits, having time to participate in the Pokemon Sword & Shield Cramorant event, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.