February 3rd, 2021


Social butterflies?

We had a meteor shower on our island in Animal Crossing tonight, and somehow that always seems to translate to more socialization in real life, too. I'm not sure how, but they always manage to coincide. So right around the time we were opening our gates to visitors, we had visitors in real life, too! With social distancing and masks! But more importantly, brownies! And bunnies!

We have some friends from church who actually live practically next door, and they brought their pet bunny over in a stroller, so we got to pet it. It was so cute and so soft. And we talked about Disney, which was a dangerous subject because we were supposed to be entertaining people in Animal Crossing.

Back on Futagojima, we made sure there were bean-throwing kits available for everybody and Athena dressed up as an oni so all our visitors could throw beans at her. Not surprisingly, Grawp was the one who kept at it the longest. We knew he wouldn't let us down. He also treated us to this amusing exchange:

Grawp: How do you have so much cool stuff!?
Athena: I play this game way too much.

It's funny. People in our family who are casual Animal Crossing players will visit our island for a meteor shower, and then they'll be all, "I need to play more Animal Crossing." And my thought is always, "You could do that. Or. You could do something productive with your life."

I mean, obviously we really enjoy playing Animal Crossing, but the irony hasn't escaped me that you're playing a simulation of living a real life, when you could be actually living a real life. On the other hand, in Animal Crossing it's way easier to chop wood and build furniture than it is in actual real life. I guess what it boils down to is that I often worry that we're not being productive. So I just keep telling myself that relaxation is productive, especially when you're still overcoming burnout. (Still? Sheesh...)

And on that note, we did finish a blog post today! But it's just part one of what may end up being three, so it will be a (hopefully little) while before any of them go live.

Today I'm thankful for having plenty of friends to play Animal Crossing with, having friends in real life, getting to pet a bunny, having brownies to eat, and friends who randomly think to bring us brownies<33333.