January 23rd, 2021



It almost seems as if the novelty of Splatoon has already worn off. When Grawp called today, he was busily playing Minecraft. But on further questioning, it turns out he had been playing Splatoon. I think he really likes fighting Octarians, which is a one-player thing...or he forgot to call until he was already at Minecraft. And now Athena points out that he probably remembered to call because he would have seen us sign on to play Pokemon. We were still looking for a shiny Tauros. Never did get one. But that's okay; we had a good time.

So we did a Salmon Run with Grawp, and then he got called away, and that's all the Splatooning we did, except! to go to the weapons shop and learn about the Blob Lobber, which not only has a fun name, but is super fun to use!

And we watched more of the non-edgy Winx. We figured there probably had to be a point where the story picks up and everything starts moving a little more quickly, since that's usually the case with magical girl stuff, and we were right! So we watched three episodes. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of it, but one thing I'm pretty well convinced of is that I would really really really like to see it in Italian.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to Grawp, getting to play a liiiittle bit of Splatoon, getting to play a lot of Pokemon, the Winx story picking up, and the rain letting up in time for us to go grocery shopping.