January 14th, 2021


Ups and downs

Today started out exciting and then got pretty blah pretty fast. The really good news is that they have a release date for Pokemon Snap, and it's our birthday! Happy birthday to us, and happy our birthday to Pokemon fans!

The less good news is that, what with all the unprecedentedness of the times, Disneyland has decided to "sunset" the annual passholder program. They sent all the passholders a personal form email about it and everything. At first, we were like, "Cool, a refund! That's a hefty chunk of change." And then we thought about it for a second and remembered that, because we were broke last time we came up for renewal (which really should have been a sign to not renew anyway...), we were on the payment plan, which means if we get a refund at all, it will only be for the payments we made around the time everything shut down.

And then we'll get to pay full price next time we want to go to Disneyland. The email talked about a new program being in the works, which supposedly offers more choice and flexibility, but in practice, that's meant you have to micro-manage all your plans in advance. It probably feels more flexible to people who like to have everything planned out, but when it comes to Disneyland, we always preferred to go wherever our whims took us. At any rate, I'm sure they've come up with a way to make it even more expensive, so that's cool.

So we've been a little bummed out about that, and then it was time for the Pokemon tournament. It started out well enough--two losses, but two wins! ...And then it was loss after loss after loss...until the very last battle of the day, which we managed to win! So at least we ended on a high note. That's one win for every five battles!

We played Kingdom Hearts MoM after that. I think it helped a little. We didn't have time to watch Lupin, because with only two episodes left, we would have wanted to watch them both. We should have time to watch them tomorrow, though, because we finished our work quota today! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for Pokemon Snap coming out on our birthday!, not losing all our Pokemon battles, finishing the translation we were working on (still have to do a final read-through, though), having a pizza to look forward to tomorrow, and having plans to watch more Lupin tomorrow.