January 7th, 2021


Return to Hana to Yume

We started on a new Hana to Yume series, and my goodness, we had forgotten just how wordy Hana to Yume can be. I mean, we did get a reminder since we've been working on Love and Heart. That's a weird one, because it's a thriller, so it seems like there's not a lot of text, but then we'll be working on it and be like, "Why is it going so slow...?" and then we remember it's Hana to Yume.

Well, the new one is not a thriller, so hoo boy. We didn't expect to finish our first draft today, but we also didn't expect it to go so slow. There are oh so many words. But we're loving it. The characters are all adorable. And I want to talk about it more, but it's still confidential, so we can't give too many hints. I think "Hana to Yume" and "super duper wordy" are really not enough to narrow it down, like, at all. This is the kind of series we started writing reviews for (you know, the ones we wrote right after translating, then posted when the books was finally published), because we have kind of a lot to say about it! So hopefully we can remember!

Today I'm thankful for our new series being a lot of fun, having plenty of time before it's due, Celeste the Owl visiting our island tonight, the fancy-shmancy Galar Pokedex arriving in the mail today, and being pretty much done getting the flowers under control.