January 5th, 2021


Miraculous: The Figure

Yesterday, we got the shipping confirmation for our super fancy Miraculous figure. This morning, we got the "out for delivery" email. They made sure to update us very frequently with this; I guess that's part of the $90 we paid for shipping. And it's a good thing, too, because whoever delivered the package is like some kind of a ninja. We usually hear our gate open, and it is quite loud, but somehow, we had no idea the package was here until we checked email (which we did extra frequently this morning because we had some work emails going on) and got the "your package has been delivered" email.

So we raced to the front door to get it! I almost thought they must have delivered it to the wrong apartment because it was so darn silent, but I opened the door and there it was! And it was so much bigger than we expected! I wondered if maybe they just used an extra big box with a lot of air padding, but when I bent over to pick it up, oh my goodness, was it heavy. (The package is a little more than 21lbs. I am a weakling.)

We managed to get it inside, but we had maintenance coming over to check on a potential leak (turns out there wasn't one, which is a relief), and we didn't want to be getting out fancy new fragile figures when people may or may not need to be going back and forth with repair equipment. So we let it sit in the living room unopened while we did our work for the day.

Finally, the time came to open the package, and sure enough, they had not wasted any space in that cardboard box. There was a narrow pad of foam on each side for cushioning, and also to make space so we could actually get the contents out, because it is a snug fit. What we pulled out was a beautiful black box with gold accents--a gold ladybug handle on the front to open the fancy door, which had a teeny tiny drawer underneath it. I guess that's for your Miraculous piece of jewelry. There were golden silhouettes of Ladybug on either side of the outside, and the inside was lined with red...I don't think it's velvet, but maybe it is?

And it was full of...more padding! There was also a piece of paper with instructions on how to assemble the figure, which is in three or four main pieces. But this is where we were too scared to go on. We didn't expect the figure to be so big, so we weren't properly prepared with a place to keep it. And without somewhere to put the figure, we didn't want to remove it from its safe cocoon of padding just so we could ooh and ahh and then toss it in a corner where who knows what could jostle it around. We're in earthquake country, people!

And so we have yet to see the figure in all its glory. We're thinking when we take down our Christmas tree, the Miraculous figure and fancy art box can take its place.

Today I'm thankful for our package arriving safely, managing to get it inside before package thieves or territorial cats found it, finding out that our pipes are doing okay, finishing work really quickly, and lyschan letting us go see Celeste on her Animal Crossing island (we got a starry-sky wallpaper recipe!).