January 4th, 2021

kid flash

Some TV is too stressful

Our schedule is currently pretty light, so we decided to take the day off to make it an extra long weekend. Hopefully we won't come to regret that...

Anyway, we've seen a lot of people talking about Alice in Borderland, so we decided to check it out! And...we didn't really like it. I mean, we're definitely interested in finding out what in the heck is going on, but that first episode was just way too stressful. I do think the first episodes of stuff like that tend to be the worst as far as unpleasant elements, so I would believe it's easier to watch after episode one, but we have enough other stuff to entertain ourselves that we'd probably just move on...except. We watched all the international credits, and it turns out our favorite French voice actor is the French dub voice of Chota. (I kind of figured if he was in it, he'd be Chota. He's got a sort of type.)

So we'll probably watch at least one more episode before we give up on it forever, but we did not watch that episode today because the first one gave us enough stress already. ...Instead, we watched Good Morning Call, which wasn't a heck of a lot better, but at least there wasn't any death or extreme physical pain. (I burned my fingers just a little the other day and it hurt really bad; I can't even imagine what the burn at the end of that episode would feel like...but I guess when it's that bad, your nerves get shot, so maybe it didn't hurt that much after all?)

Today I'm thankful for having a pretty nice day off, getting iceberg flooring in Animal Crossing, finally getting Graham's photo, getting to try croissant crust DiGiorno, and getting two shipping confirmations!