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Back to work, back to work!

Today we finally saw Akira Ishida's character in Shounen Onmyouji. This makes me very very happy♥ Although it was kind of a spoiler, since we already knew his character's name. Oh well.

Today we got back to work translating normal manga. I was actually stressing out about it the other day when I realized that we'd be done with the crazy crazy thing soon, because I'm still nervous about translating for companies that aren't TokyoPop. It's just that we haven't built up any sort of credibility with Del Rey or CMX, so I'm really scared of messing things up.

But we got to work, and things flowed pretty smoothly for the most part, and our translation sounds like normal English, I think, so I'm feeling a lot better about it now. Still worried about translating for CMX, but I don't have to worry about that until we've finished with this book for Del Rey. And Athena pointed out that it has to be a good sign that we're translating a second book for Del Rey. Now we just need to get paid so we can order the CDs that would be perfect to listen to while translating this series.

Today I'm thankful for Smallville being a rerun tonight (giving us that much more time to play FF12), getting to hear Ishida-san♥ as yet another totally awesome character, credit card offers making great cat toys, potentially identifying the song that was stuck in my head the entire time we walked to and from Winco last week, and translating for Del Rey not being as scary as it seems.
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