December 25th, 2020


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everybody! We spent our day pretty much the way we spend all our days off--trying to pick between all the various forms of entertainment we have. We have fond memories of spending Christmas playing video games, and they're old memories, so the games in them are old. So we wanted to make it a point to play some old video games, and that's where Kid Icarus came in! ...And as expected, when you're not used to playing retro video games, they're pretty much nearly impossible. It doesn't even look that hard, and yet... Athena feels like she was getting better, but after repeating the same part so many times, she decided it was time to stop. It was a nice little diversion, though.

Mom and Steve had shipped the Christmas gifts Mom bought for us, so we opened those, too! We each got a dress, a pair of warm slippers, and a Sailor Moon hoodie! (Technically, mine was a Sailor Mercury hoodie. We're surprised Mom remembered she was "my" Sailor Guardian.) But because of lockdowns and whatnot, there's no telling when we'll get to wear anything but the slippers...and let me tell you, we will probably wear them a lot.

I also got a gift from Aurora, as part of the sibling gift exchange. ...I think that means I'm the only one of us who actually got a gift on Christmas this year, since nobody got together. We have gifts for Celeste and Sarah, but we're not in a good position to deliver them.

Anyway. Aurora got me a lovely Japanese incense set that came with a little dish that had a painting of three paper cranes on it, and seven boxes of incense sticks, each with a different scent. To be honest, I was a little worried about it at first, because Athena and I are very nervous about things involving fire (and that was true even before our apartment building caught fire all those years ago), but then I read the instructions and they said that once you light the incense, you're supposed to blow it out, so we decided they would be safe to try! And I love different scents, so I was excited.

We tried one of the myrrh scented ones, because it's Christmas (I also got frankincense), and...we mostly smelled smoke. But now that the smoke has cleared, the fragrance has been lingering, so I think it's not a total bust! We're also considering trying the incense in our wax melt heater thing. I mean, it's designed for wax melts and not incense sticks, so it might not work the same way...and I don't know at what temperature incense ignites, or how hot the wax warmer gets, so we'd have to keep an eye on it... And to be honest, I really like the little ash trails from the burned-up incense...

Well, we'll figure it out.

Today I'm thankful for the lovely gifts we received today and the love and thought that was put into them, getting to try out a really old but new to us video game, getting to watch the Dark Cupid episode of Miraculous (we needed something to do while our mini-pies thawed), getting to listen to some Scripture Scouts last night, and lovely fragrances.