December 20th, 2020


Christmas Sunday

Aaaaaaauuggghhh... I feel the need to apologize for the accompaniment on the children's songs in our ward's Christmas program. They played the first one (A Book of Mormon Christmas), and my first thought was, "Oh, no, I played it too fast!" I play everything too fast... It sounded like the kids were struggling to keep up with the tempo, and I was mortified. But then they played Away in a Manger, and I was like, "I'm pretty sure I didn't play this one too fast..." and the kids were still struggling to keep up.

I mean, of course it's possible that I played even that one too fast, despite my understanding that it's a more mellow song and should therefore be played more slowly. Our guess is that the real culprit is that we didn't take any time to teach the kids the words like we usually do, and they didn't have a song leader to follow, and kids aren't as practiced at reading, so they had a hard time keeping up because they were still reading what the words were. Nevertheless, it may have sounded better if I'd played more slowly, and for that, I apologize.

As for the song Athena sang...we didn't watch it. We had absolutely no desire to see it, so when it came on, I muted it and closed the Chromebook partway (so that it didn't go into sleep mode). But our sister watched it, and she tells us we did a good job...and our nephew tells us his sister laughed the whole time. We tried to ask her what was so funny, but she wasn't responding anymore. (These kids, they come up to the phone and say hi, add a few words here or there, and then wander off again.)

After that, we spent most of the day on the phone with Grawp while he played Pokemon. He's really buckled down about filling up his Pokedex, but his nine-year-old attention span can't always handle it, so he'll try to cut corners by doing about a thousand surprise trades in a row. He hasn't learned the lesson we...also keep having to learn...which is that sometimes the fastest way to do it is to just do it. I mean, really, we could probably just trade him most of the ones he has left...

And we watched the movie In Search of the Castaways! Oh my goodness, it was so different from the book! I mean, we knew it had to be, because it's not much longer than an hour and a half, and the book is actually three books. We'd also seen a clip that takes place when they're stranded in the ombu tree, and looking at the characters in it, we were like, "That...doesn't look like the same cast of characters..." It's a pretty cute movie, but we both like the books better.

Today I'm thankful for getting to help Grawp fill his Pokedex (he did let us trade some, and we're always on hand to give him tips), getting to watch a cute movie, the cute stuff we got in our Yule Ball Wizarding World crates, warm clothes and blankets, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.