December 19th, 2020


More excitement

In all the Miraculous excitement yesterday, I almost forgot about the other excitement! It wasn't as exciting, that's why. But it's still kind of exciting! Especially for shoujo manga fans who for whatever bizarro reason aren't into Miraculous. (If you like shoujo manga and have not checked out Miraculous, allow me to recommend it. You may not get as obsessed with it as we are, but you'll probably at least like it.)

Anyway. Since yesterday was the last Friday before the major year-end holidays, it seems like all our publishers were finalizing some schedules before taking the rest of the year off, and that means! We now have more shoujo manga on our schedule! Tadah! We also got a new shoujo manga series! ...But I don't think I'm allowed to talk about it yet, so that's as far as the exciting news goes. I guess that's the other reason we forgot to report on it. There's really not much to report. But we're looking forward to it, anyway.

The other super important thing is that we checked the mail and found a Christmas card from lyschan, and it looks like she painted it herself, and it's beautiful and adorable. It has a picture of a bear sleeping in its cave, surrounded by other woodland creatures and quilts and scarves, and generally looking very cozy and cuddly. It can be nice to have artist friends.

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful card we got from lys (the best part is the raccoon carefully placing a scarf on top of the bear), getting to watch the Miraculous New York special again, getting to sleep in this morning, the tree trimming around our apartment not preventing us from leaving to go to the grocery store, and getting the frozen flooring recipe from Snowboy today.