December 17th, 2020


You're invited!

Well, I wasn't planning to do this, but the missionaries called yesterday and asked us if we would, so now here I am doing it. Some of you may remember I posted a little while ago (I don't remember when, but I probably mentioned it on Sunday) that Athena and I were asked to sing a song for our ward's special Christmas program. Well, we are now officially inviting anyone who's interested to join the Zoom meeting this Sunday at 9am Pacific Standard Time. Here is the link!

I also played the piano for all the songs sung by the whole Primary. I wanted to say all the songs sung by the kids, but I think there are going to be a couple of solos/duets that were accompanied by the woman in charge of the whole thing. All the songs were pre-recorded, so you don't have to worry about anybody spreading the covid.

...And I know it's totally gauche to talk about how bad your performance is when you're inviting people to see it, and first! I don't think it's bad. It's just, like I said when I first mentioned this whole thing, we know Singers and Singers don't like Athena's singing. So for all the Singers who might check it out, we want to say we know we're not well-trained. I also want to say that I think it would be pretty fun to keep an eye on the pianist (me) to see what kind of face I made when I missed a note. (I may have done it more than once...)

Anyway. This year, the woman in charge of the program really wanted to include songs about the Christmas story that's found in the Book of Mormon. So there are at least two songs about that, including the one we did, and hopefully the narration will go over it, too. (Songs aren't always the best place to get a cohesive storyline.) But if you watch it and have any questions, don't hesitate to ask for clarification!

Today I'm thankful for the technology that lets us have worship services from home, getting to have our first multi-battle in Pokemon with Mom and the nephews, not being totally destroyed by the nephews' much-higher-level Pokemon, getting to play some The World Ends With You, and (if the internet sources are correct, and if there's French audio) getting to watch new Miraculous tomorrow.