December 14th, 2020


Where's the aurora?

Animal Crossing...I don't want to say it lied to us, because it might just be a misunderstanding on our part. But no fewer than two of our neighbors talked about how with the cold weather and the clear sky, we should see an aurora, so we were excited to turn it on again for our nightly island patrol. But it was cloudy! I mean, it wasn't overcast, so we could still see some of the sky, but there was no sign of any aurora. Maybe it was a timing thing, like it happens at dusk, or late at night...

In the meantime, today's snowman was unhappy with the size of his head, so we didn't get a recipe. I don't mind them being particular, but I sure wish we got more than one chance per day.

On a happier note, we finally completed our Isle of Armor Pokedex! Tadah! For the Crown Tundra one we have a bit of a conundrum, because normally all we'd have to do is evolve our Dratini into a Dragonite and tadah! There you have it. (We're actually still missing one other Pokemon--we think it's Spiritomb.) But the first one we caught was shiny, which is very exciting of course, but we really like the designs for Dratini and Dragonaire more than Dragonite, so we might want to keep the shiny Dratini as a Dratini. But since it's our first Pokemon in that evolutionary line, that's the one we'd normally want to evolve all the way, and what if we want a shiny Dragonite anyway?

...Then I think about how we were trying to evolve Wingull and Grawp out of nowhere traded us a Pelipper, and how we were trying to evolve Bunnelby and Grawp invited us to a Dynamax battle against a Diggersby... We didn't have to catch it, of course, but then it would be in the Pokedex as seen but not caught, and that kind of thing irks us.

Anyway. It doesn't matter too much about Dratini one way or the other until we catch a Spiritomb...or whatever that last Pokemon is.

Today I'm thankful for the yummy cake we had for a snack, knowing that there's an aurora phenomenon to look forward to in Animal Crossing (if we can ever figure out when it is), completing our Isle of Armor Pokedex, having a light workload this week, and the Primary Zoom activity going okay.