December 13th, 2020



We had a really good day today. At church we had a couple of amazing talks. The one speaker talked about Joseph Smith spending one December in Liberty Jail and kind of applied that to the pretty crummy holiday season that's being had around the world this year. Sometimes things are really bad, but they give us experience and don't take up that much time in the long run.

After the meeting, we recorded our song for the Christmas program. It was a tricky song. The melody had a weird habit of going where you don't expect it to...and then doing exactly what you'd expect from there. So you couldn't even expect the unexpected. It also seemed to prefer unusual chords, which made the accompaniment also tricky. But we did it in one take! ...I mean, if you watch the video carefully, you'll probably see the part where the pianist (that's me) missed a note and makes an "oops..." expression, but I don't think it was a serious enough mistake to redo the whole thing. I probably would have made a similar mistake somewhere else anyway. Or in the same place. That's the fun of live performances. You never get the same performance twice! (Or do you?)

We watched The Repair Shop as usual, and then we planned to watch the Disney adaptation of Jules Verne's In Search of the Castaways...but we didn't realize it wasn't actually on Disney+YourSoul. So instead we watched another episode of The Repair Shop, and then, since we just finished watching Hercules: The Animated Series yesterday, we thought it would be a good time to watch the movie that inspired it. We still love it...but I do kinda wish Hercules had better "I'm so in love with you" expressions when looking at Meg. Still! it's so good! We have dreams of cosplaying the Hydra someday....

Today I'm thankful for the wonderful talks we had in sacrament meeting, getting our song recorded without too much trouble, also getting to partake of the sacrament (since we probably won't be going to church for a while, we brought some bread and little cups and asked the member of the bishopric who was there to bless the sacrament for us), Grawp calling so we could catch a Ultra Beast Kartana with him, and getting to watch one of our favorite Disney Renaissance movies.