December 12th, 2020


Just playing around

The current state of our appetites is such that our ideal for today was to go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of cookie dough, and have cookies for dinner for, like, four nights or so. But somebody bought out all the cookie dough, so all we got were some Pillsbury sugar cookies. Oh well. At least we got some cake from the bakery. And we got to try out the new Snickers peanut brownies, and you guys, they are really really good. Would definitely recommend.

The most exciting news is that Grawp finally traded Pokemon with us! So now we can fill up our Pokedexes all on our own. We tried to let him use our code to get Zarude, but it turns out it's a one-use-only code. Good thing we said, "Hey, try this code!" instead of, "Hey, you want a Zarude?" I signed up for a Pokemon Trainers Club account, and we'll see if it's not too late to get another one.

And we made a snowfolk! We're very excited about this new Animal Crossing feature, because we love to collect DIY recipes. With the mushrooms and pine cones and acorns and maple leaves, we were at the mercy of the balloons to see if we could get new recipes, but now we can take charge ourselves, like with Pascal! That's much better. ...But apparently Snowboy only gives recipes if he's made perfectly... And as far as we can tell, you only get to make one a day. Well, at least we should have three months, if the dung beetle active hours are anything to go by.

Today I'm thankful for having sweet yummy food to look forward to, finally having Regidrago on our Pokedex, having a recipe for an ice table, having a cute yellow DIY table to go with all our yellow cute furniture (the game started giving us the blue items of the set, including the DIY table, but then it switched to yellow), and getting to a point where I think we know the song we're supposed to record well enough to pull it off.