December 10th, 2020


Miraculous box!

Our Miraculous boxes came today! ...I'm not sure I ever mentioned those. The people who make Miraculous teamed up with Culture Fly to make a subscription crate. Of course we love us some subscription crates, and Miraculous is one of our favorite things of all time ever, so we couldn't not sign up. It was dangerous, though, because when they first announced it, we were preeeeeetty broke. So we signed up for just one crate, and then they sold out! Gah!

But then they opened up subscriptions again, and we were less broke, so we snatched up another one! Yay!

And they just arrived! We checked package tracking several times this morning, because we did not want the package thief getting these packages. And we decided not to wait until Christmas to open them, because...we're grownups and we can do that if we want. Of course, these subscriptions are not really targeted at grownups; the largest t-shirt size you could sign up for was adult medium. I'm pretty sure those are for the teenagers.

Nevertheless! we loved everything in the box! Collapse )

And that's our excitement for the day. We also remembered that the latest Pokemon tournament started! We almost missed it! But Athena played a few battles anyway, and she won two out of five! That's not too shabby for being caught almost completely off guard.

Today I'm thankful for shiny new Miraculous boxes (it's hard not to call them Miracle boxes, but that's a different thing), the merch inside not being all Marinette-centric (although we do adore Marinette; mostly I'm just saying I'm glad we got some Chat Noir stuff), finishing our work quota without having to work all day, doing okay in the Pokemon tournament, and our Wizarding World crates shipping today.