December 7th, 2020


Singing in the program

We maybe took it a little easier today than we should have, but it's been a nice day, I think. And suddenly we have a bunch of extra stuff to do! The person in charge of music for our ward's Christmas program asked us to do a song! What! She's never asked us to do a song before.

Actually, we're substitutes, and it's possible that the sister missionaries told her to ask us, since they're the ones who had to back out. During one of their visits, they asked us if we'd been asked to do a song, and Athena's first reaction was, "What, are you kidding me? I do two solos every week!" (As the music director, right now her job is to lead the congregational hymns, but the congregation is at home. We have no idea if anybody is singing along or not.)

Then we explained that we're okay with not doing solos, because our sister was a Singer, and Singers make it very clear that if you are not a Singer, nobody wants to hear you sing. (This is also partly true of Gaston. I think he's okay with non-Singers singing in general, but not as, like, performances or anything, and he's especially not okay with hearing people tell them how beautiful it was. ...Maybe I shouldn't call him out like that, but he would say it to you, too, if he were here. And he's nice in other areas.) So our general opinion of our voices is that, while nobody's going to stop us from singing in non-performance venues, when it comes to performing songs, we're like, "Nobody wants to hear that." (Which is not to say that they'd actively avoid hearing it, just that our singing is certainly not special enough for anyone to seek it out.)

Anyway, when someone is the type of person who is a sister missionary, and you tell them, "Nobody wants to hear me sing," usually, if TV is anything to judge by, their reaction is something along the lines of, "But of course people want to hear it! You just need to get out there and show them!" So it wouldn't surprise me if the sister missionaries, when bowing out of the program because of extra covid restrictions, said something like, "But you know who you should really get? The Nibleys!" On the other hand, it's also possible that the person in charge of the program just couldn't think of anybody else. Or maybe she actually wanted to ask us!

Either way, we agreed. It's kind of last minute, so we didn't want to make her think of anybody else. So if she did have anybody in mind...well, we're sorry.

Today I'm thankful for making decent progress on work despite our slacking, having a lovely chat with our sister on the phone, our Miraculous boxes being on their way (we'll have to keep a sharp eye out for them!), drinking water, and finding out that manga has done very well for itself this year.